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Why choose us?

TRM can not only supply control systems 'off the shelf' but we can also supply the full range of parts needed to make-up a 'turn key' solution. Motion Controls, Drives, Motors, Encoders, Power Supply Units, Cabinets, Gearbox/Drive Gear, Switches, Sensors and Cables are all available as a 'Kit' - place one order get a complete delivery for your machine.

As we have excellent quality products at competitive prices we become a very cost-effective solution for both OEM's and end users. Our prices are competitive because we manufacture in-house and design with state of the art Software and Test Equipment combined with an efficiently run business.

We aim to have the best products on the market by selecting the best components, design and endurance to guarantee a worry free, long life product backed with a warranty. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our designs for the sake of economy. We also have very competitive prices and discounts for volume quantities.


TRM International Ltd.
86 Moss Road
Southport, PR8 4JQ, UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 1704 563777

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