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We develop software and hardware in-house to minimise cost. We can also design any circuit boards needed along with using 3D CAD software to design any special enclosures too.

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This one stop solution can help streamline work flow and is very cost effective. Over the years TRM has designed many custom controllers for big name companies and supplied them on call-off schedules or as ordered. As we have our own production equipment we can respond to urgent orders quickly, control our costs closely and ensure the quality of the finished product is guaranteed.

If you have specific connectors on current or old product, we can design them in to ensure backward compatibility if needed. Wiring looms can be made to specific sizes, interface boards can be designed to give additional control or make wiring easy to suit your own production lines.

Let down by one supplier that delays a machine build? TRM can provide a full kitting service that includes:

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  • Control Panel
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Motors and Drives
  • Encoders
  • Sensors
  • Brackets
  • Cables
  • Custom Machined Parts

With all cables cut to the correct length and systems fully tested it makes installation a breeze and all the components are shipped in a complete kit - no more missing parts.

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